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Boost Your Metabolism - How Exercise Affects Metabolic Rate

For several years now, several teams of researchers have been trying in vain to relate exercise with the rate of metabolism in relation to energy expenditures.

This relationship is simply mind boggling, as their individual research shows that exercise does increase metabolic rate and there are also findings to the contrary, that exercise can even lower the rate of metabolism.

Alright, let us act out as researchers ourselves and let us examine the many conflicting studies made by previous medical scientist on this matter which is the relationship of exercise to metabolic rate.

But before we do that, I think it would be worth our while to know something about TDEE, which simply mean Total Daily Energy Expenditures.

This TDEE is the amount of calories we burn in a 24 hour period or in a day. It goes to show that our total daily energy is divided on the time we are resting,

During the time we are eating and digesting and also on other daily activities. The sum total of these TDEE would have to be 100 % of total calories burned for the day.

However, because of extra activities like exercise, we will have to burn more than the total percentage of TDEE within a day. Energy spent within a day would show that there is a great effect of exercise.

This is shown by a group study whereby the increases of metabolic rate were recorded well within the time frame of 24 hours after an exercise was made.

Aerobic and other form of exercises related or similar to it would tend to make the metabolic rate of persons right after the exercises.

It was thought of that gender might have an effect on the rate of metabolic change relating to exercise, as most of the scientific studies made based their findings and observations on an all male subjects.

The available data on women shows not much of a difference on their metabolic rate of change which would Indicate a lower burning of calories at rest for women.

Drawing a conclusive result on these various studies is not in any way feasible considering the differences on experimental procedures and the myriad of many research data gathered expressing differing results and observation.

A number Of selected observation with definitive results are as follows; a- Muscle tissue burns faster than fatty tissue,

Thus it would be to your advantage to increase the mass of your muscles through exercise as it would tend to improve your muscle to fat ratio.

b- Women are less affected by exercise in changing their metabolic ratec- Metabolic rate can be enhanced even during normal working day if Rigorous exercise is done daily Looking at the over all studies made by experts on metabolism,

It would still remain inconclusive as to the over all effects of exercise to the body metabolism. Either the exercise enhances metabolism or it does not, has still to be studied carefully.

Anyway, so long as we sweat during our exercise, at least we know we burn energy. So, let us continue doing it the healthy way – good diet and proper exercise, to shake those weights away.