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Foods That Increase And Rev Up Metabolic Rate

There are those who still do not fully know the workings of metabolism in the body. In as much as they would want to raise their level of etabolism for their weight loss requirements, it would be to their benefits to know how metabolism works.

Metabolism actually is a biochemical procedure that has two vital but opposing processes known as anabolism and catabolism.

These two processes though have opposing functions; one is to build while the other one is to destroy.

Anabolism builds and constructs cells, cells membranes and tissues while catabolism on the other hand destroys and break up complex substances into much simpler compounds.

These more or less is the cycle of metabolism that does wonders in the processes of our body towards a healthy utilization of the foods that we eat.

The energy or the amount of calories that the body burns or uses for the whole day even while you are resting is called our metabolic rate.

You have to consider that even while you are at rest, our body still functions and uses calories to support those functions.

Added to this of course will be your food digestion and your physical daily activities and exercises. All of these add up to your metabolic daily rate.

In this respect, we have to give attention to the kinds of foods that we eat since it affects our metabolism rate, aside from doing the daily exercises.

This will be an important factor that you have to do if indeed, you are serious of increasing your metabolic rate towards your aspiration of losing weight.

Actually, if you would like to lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate, you can do it both ways. You do exercises like weight lifting, aerobics, swimming or you play sports like basketball, lawn tennis and other physical activities.

The other way that you can increase your metabolic rate is by eating foods that would result to enhancing metabolic rate.

As a result of an extensive research by medical scientist in metabolism, it was found out that you can improve your rate of metabolism by eating breakfast daily.

The reason for this is when we sleep at night, the body rest and our metabolism slows down. Since we do not have food intake for several hours,

Our body would soon lack the nutrients that will make our metabolism creep at a very slow pace resulting to making the body store the energy as fats since our metabolism is on a slow pace due to lack of nutrients.

Green leafy vegetables and fish would greatly aid in making your metabolic rate higher. Fruits and cereals would also be a great help.

Try to drink not les than 8 glasses of water a day. Eat chili and other hot and spicy foods. If you can bear it, eating chili or pepper daily would be good for your metabolic rate.

And with regards to your schedule of eating, you can maximize your metabolic rate if you eat six times a day through little than normal servings.

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